Vera Silva

Aspects of pesticide residues explained in a video

Researcher Vera Silva discusses, in an exploratory video, several aspects of the use of pesticides. Throughout Europe a lot of samples were analysed on pesticide residues. These samples were analysed for around 80 different compounds in each of them. More than 80% of agricultural soils in Europe were contaminated with pesticides residues. She reported that they identified the most contaminated areas. Besides, the video pays attention to problems a vineyard owner has to deal with and it shows also sustainable alternatives.You can watch the video here.

5th plenary iSQAPER meeting

5th meetingThe 5th plenary iSQAPER meeting will be held from Tuesday 11 June – Friday 14 June, 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting will be held at Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana located at Jamnikarjeva ulica 101, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting includes a one day field trip to the experimental field plots of the University. Matjaž Glavan will act as our host. Login and pdf Travel information (995 KB)  is available and registration for this meeting is possible.

Pesticide residues in European agricultural soils – A hidden reality unfolded

A new article published has been published in  "Science of The Total Environment" about pesticide residues in European soils. The highlights of this paper are :

Paper Vera

  • 76 residues of pesticides were analyzed in 317 EU agricultural topsoils.
  • 83% of the soils contained 1 or more residues, 58% contained mixtures.
  • 166 different mixtures were identified.
  • Predicted concentrations of individual residues were occasionally exceeded.
  • The combined effects of residue mixtures need to be assessed.

The article is open access and the authors are: Vera Silva, Hans G.J. Mol, Paul Zomer, MarcTienstra, Coen J.Ritsema, and Violette Geissen

pest residuesDocumentary about pesticide residues in soils and sustainable alternatives

"The industrialization of agriculture increased the crop yield, but more and more the negative side of this boom. 2.000 pesticides with 500 different chemical substances are used in the European Union. Which effects do they have on soil health?" The documentary about the research on pesticides of Wageningen University starts with this introduction. Violette Geissen and Esperanza Huerta, who works on the Diverfarming project, talk about pesticides and the negative impacts of it on the soil health.Watch this video here.

Worldfoodday2018The 16th of October, 2018 is  announced as World Food Day. Theme of this World Food Day is:

"Our actions are our future – a #zerohunger world by 2030 is possible".

As healthy soils are the basis for a sustainable food production, the iSQAPER consortium pays also attention to this theme by means of a photo story about soil health. The photo story, authored by Marjolein van Rijn (BothEnds), focusses on a field visit to Kasepuhan Karang. The story describes certain effects after state forest was transferred into customary land.

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Assessment of promising agricultural management practices

Paper Lucia GAA new article published has been published in  "Science of The Total Environment" entitled: "Assessment of promising agricultural management practices". The article is about best Agriculture Management Practices (AMPs) and is part of the iSQAPER project. As stated in the abstract, the study focussed on specific aims:

1) map the current distribution of previously selected 18 promising AMPs in several pedo-climatic regions and farming systems located in ten and four study site areas (SSA) along Europe and China, respectively; and

2) identify the soil threats occurring in those areas. In each SSA, farmers using promising AMP's were identified and questionnaires were used to assess farmer's perception on soil threats significance in the area.

The article is open access and the authors are: Lúcia Barão, Abdallah Alaoui, Carla Ferreira, Gottlieb Basch, Gudrun Schwilch, Violette Geissen, Wijnand Sukkel, Julie Lemesle, Fuensanta Garcia-Orenes, Alicia Morugán-Coronado, Jorge Mataix-Solera, Costas Kosmas, Matjaž Glavan, Marina Pintar, Brigitta Tóth, Tamás Hermann, Olga Petruta Vizitiu, Jerzy Lipiec, Endla Reintam, Minggang Xu, Jiaying Di, Hongzhu Fan, Fei Wang

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