Special activity table of the iSQAPER project:

Meeting  Date Location  Comments
 1. Kickoff meeting  22-25 June 2015  Vitré, France

Photo impression: here

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 2. Workshop WP2+3 12-14 October 2015 Frick, Switzerland  Download area: folder here
 3. Webinar - CAP 11-2-2016 Organiser: IEEP More than 25 participants
 4. 2nd Plenary meeting  20-23 June 2016  Hungary

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 5. Webinar - Land Degradation Neutrality 12 December 2016 Organiser: BothEnds  
 6. Scientific Board Meeting  7-9 February 2017  Madrid

 Details: here, WP-leaders+ EU-delegates

 Photo's: here

 7. 3rd Plenary meeting, China  10-15 September 2017  Beijing, China  Info Visa support; 

Project partners can apply for registration by sending an email to: harm.gooren@wur.nl or klaas.oostindie@wur.nl

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