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Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience
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Participant legal name + acronym Country Contact person, other people involved Work Package leader Case Study leader
1 Wageningen University (WU) Netherlands Violette Geisen, Luuk Fleskens, Coen Ritsema, Lijbert Brussaard, Ron de Goede, Klaas Oostindie, Xiaomei Yang, Harm Gooren WP1, WP4  
2 Joint Research Center (JRC) Italy Gergely Toth    
3 Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) Switzerland

Paul Maeder,Jens Wohlfahrt

4 Universität Bern (UNIBE) Switzerland Gudrun Schwilch, Abdallah Allaoui WP5  
5 University of Évora (UE) Portugal Gottlieb Basch, Miguel Soares WP6  
6 Technical University of Madrid (UPM) Spain Ana Iglesias WP7  
7 Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) UK and Belgium

Catherine Bowyer, David Baldock

8 Foundation for Sustainable Development of the Mediterranean (MEDES) Italy Gianni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia, Jane Brandt WP9  
9 ISRIC World Soil Information (ISRIC) Netherlands

Zhanguo Bai,Godert van Lynden, Thomas Caspari, Tom Hengl, Gerard Heuvelink

10 Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO) Netherlands

Wijnand Sukkel, Rudi Hessel, Erik van Elsen

11 Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IA) Poland Jerzy Lipiec, Bogulow Usowicz   CS9
12 Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (IAES) Estonia Endla Reintam, Aret Vooremae   CS10
13 University of Ljubljana (UL) Slovenia Vesna Zupanc, Marina Pintar  


14 National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection (ICPA) Romania Olga Vizitiu, Irina Calciu   CS8
15 Agrarian School of Coimbra (ESAC) Portugal Antonio Ferreira, Jan Jacob Keizer   CS3
16 University of Miguel Hernández (UMH) Spain Fuensanta GarciaJorge Mataix Solera   CS4
17 Agricultural University Athens (AUA) Greece Costas Kostas   CS5
18 Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IARRP) China Yinghua Duan,Minggang Xu   CS14
19 Institute of Soil and Water Conservation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISWC) China

Wang Fei, Li Rui, Guobin Liu

20 Soil and Fertilizer Institute of the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SFI) China Hongzhu Fan   CS12
21 CorePage (CorePage) Netherlands Heleen Claringbould    
22 BothEnds (BothEnds) Netherlands Nathalie van Haren, Paul Wolvekamp    
23 University of Pannonia (UP) Hungary

Brigitta TóthTamás Kismányoky

24 Institute of Soil Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISS) China Dechang Li, Xiaodong Song   CS11
25 Gaec de la Branchette (GB) France

Julie Lemesle, Jean-Pierre Lemesle

EC European Commission   Ms Arantza Uriarte Iraola    
Sub Contr. D-sign (D-sign) Netherlands Arthur Duffels    
Sub. Contr. Film   Manfred van Eijk, Chris Blokhuis    

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