The first scientific board meeting will be held in Madrid from 7-9 February 2017. In the afternoon of February 7th a meeting will be held between WP-leaders and the coordination team. On February 8th the project team will meet the EU-representatives and the ongoing project results and goals will be discussed. The morning of February 9th is scheduled for an evaluation between coordination team and WP-leaders.

The whole day meeting of February 8th will be in the hotel Miguel Angel. The preliminary talks (Feb 7th) and the evaluation (Feb 9th) will be in the hotel or in the technical university of Madrid (UPM). As soon as it becomes clear it will be announced on this webpage.

You have to book yourself the hotel Miguel Angel for you lodgings. A reservation form can be document downloaded here. (228 KB)

Some general information can be downloaded document over here (1.78 MB)  and a draft agenda for Feb 8th can be found it over document here. (22 KB)