Deliverable 2.1 focussed on the delination of pedoclimatic zones in Europe and China. The aim of this pedoclimatic zonation is to give an overview of the distribution of soil types amongst climate zones, and finally to come to a feasible classification which can be used for studies on optimizing land use for local climatic and soil condition. The report describes which data was used and the applied methods to produce the  pedoclimatic  soil map for Europe and China.

Pedoclimatic zones of Europe. (Click on a grid cell  to zoom in)

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Pedoclimatic zones of China
China is divided into:

  • 3 soil regions characterized by geographical location and soil moisture condition (1st level).
  • 17 soil areas, named by temperature and soil type (2nd level)
  • 82 soil zones named by geographical position, geomorpholgy, and main soil type (3rd level)

These 82 Chinese pedoclimatic zones are pictured below. The corresponding table of the pedoclimatic codes can be found in the report. As an example, this table will be partly be displayed when clicking the map.

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