Pesticide residues in European agricultural soils – A hidden reality unfolded

A new article published has been published in  "Science of The Total Environment" about pesticide residues in European soils. The highlights of this paper are :

Paper Vera

  • 76 residues of pesticides were analyzed in 317 EU agricultural topsoils.
  • 83% of the soils contained 1 or more residues, 58% contained mixtures.
  • 166 different mixtures were identified.
  • Predicted concentrations of individual residues were occasionally exceeded.
  • The combined effects of residue mixtures need to be assessed.

The article is open access and the authors are: Vera Silva, Hans G.J. Mol, Paul Zomer, MarcTienstra, Coen J.Ritsema, and Violette Geissen

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