List with deliverables

Del. No. Deliverable name WP No. Lead participant

Delivery date

D1.1   pdf iSQAPER website (1.14 MB) 1 WU Jul
D1.2 Data management plan 1 WU  Oct

pdf Hierarchical and multi-scale pedo-climatic zonation (3.06 MB)
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2 UP Jan
D9.1 pdf Prototype  iSQAPERiS website (1.30 MB) 9 MEDES Apr
D2.2 Classification of crop and livestock systems 2 UP Jun
D3.1 pdf Critical review of existing concepts of soil quality indicators (3.27 MB) 3 FiBL Aug
D9.2 pdf Dissemination and Communication Strategy (13.68 MB) 9 MEDES Oct
D3.2   pdf Critical review of soil quality indicators with respect to their sensitivity to indicate soil threats and soil functions and interactions with management as well as reliability and simplicity of measurement (4.53 MB) 3 ISRIC Nov
D2.3 pdf Report on the spatial analysis of crop and livestock systems in relation to pedo-climatic conditions (2.06 MB) 2 UP Dec
D4.1   pdf Pilot soil quality assessment tool (1.99 MB) 4 WU Apr
D9.3   pdf Training event for project partners on knowledge transfer and dissemination to be held at an appropriate plenary meeting (4.78 MB) 9 MEDES Apr
D8.1   pdf Initial stocktaking report on existing policy measures (3.00 MB) 8 IEEP Jul
D5.1   pdf Report on stakeholder feedback to soil quality assessment tool (1.52 MB) 5 UNIBE Dec
D7.1   pdf Report on definition of typical combinations of farming systems and agricultural practices in Europe and China and their effects on soil quality (8.76 MB) 7 UPM Apr
D5.2   pdf Soil quality inventory of Case Study Sites (1.39 MB) 5 UNIBE Jun
D3.3   pdf Report on a) current soil quality status of long-term trial sites, b) interactions between pedo-climatic zone, topography and crop(/livestock) systems on indicators of soil quality, and c) evaluation of the best subset of measurements that could be used to develop (aggregate) indicators of agricultural soil quality for desired ecosystem services. (13.43 MB) 3 ISRIC Jun
D3.4   pdf Report on the potential for new indicators of soil quality and gaps in knowledge to realize those. (2.48 MB) 3 FiBL Jun
D7.2   pdf Report on key management practices affecting soil quality and their applicability in various farming systems (71.61 MB) 7 UPM Dec
D5.3 Database of currently applied and promising agricultural management practices 5 UNIBE Apr
D6.1 Internal report on performance of promising land management practices to populate recommendations of the SQAPP 6 UE Apr
D8.2 Inventory of policy relevant data and sources extracted from WPs 3-7 and applicable to policy design. 8 IEEP Jun
D7.3 Report on scenarios of future farm and soil management systems 7 UPM Aug
D6.2 Report on the performance of key and site-specific parameters and indicators for all monitored sites 6 UE Oct
D7.4 Report on the evaluation of scenarios of changed soil environmental footprint for a range of policy scenarios 7 UPM Dec
D8.3 Short report on applying the soil quality tool to different policy challenges and settings 8 IEEP Dec
D4.2 Tested and validated final version of the SQAPP (Soil Quality App) 4 WU Dec
D8.4 Final conclusions on lessons for agricultural and environmental policy, including the post 2020 CAP.  8 IEEP Febr
D9.4 Final  iSQAPERiS website 9 MEDES Apr
D9.5 Video/film presentations explaining the scientific issues underlying soil quality 9 MEDES Apr
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