WP2 is dedicated to the collection and classification of soil, climate and land use data to characterise the edaphic aspects of typical crop and livestock farming systems across Europe and China. Soil property, soil quality and productivity data derived from observations and large-scale model assessments will be assessed in relation to system classifications. Choices concerning the provenance, level of detail, and organisation of data sets for data retrieval will be made according to the location of data sources and proposed use in other WPs.

The main activities will be to: i) create harmonised spatial layers of soil, climate and land use/cover data; ii) establish pedo-climatic zones by integrated analyses of soil, water, and climatic factors; iii) classify farming systems in Europe and China; and iv) create probability density functions for various soil property and quality indicators across farming systems.

Main deliverables will be a report on the spatial analysis of crop and livestock systems in relation to pedo-climatic conditions and a scale-dependent spatial database of soil properties and non-aggregated soil quality indicators across Europe and China (TRL4).

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