WP9 will coordinate and facilitate contact and communication with the different groups of actors and target audiences who will be involved in iSQAPER, including the actors who will be testing the beta-release version of SQAPP (WP 4 and 5), demonstration workshops (WP6), national and EU level policy makers (WP8), potential users of SQAPP and the wider public. To ensure efficient and effective dissemination of knowledge generated in the project, a variety of media, networks and methods will be used as appropriate for the different actors and target audiences, including (among others) a website and a television film specifically designed to present the key messages from iSQAPER.

The main activity of this WP will be the development of the project’s major dissemination product, the web-based iSQAPER Information System (iSQAPERiS). iSQAPERiS will present the key messages identified in the project communication and dissemination strategy, using a variety of methods of knowledge transfer and dissemination to make them available and accessible to all the actors and target audiences. SQAPP will feature prominently in iSQAPERiS and will also be promoted in other media (TRL7-8). In addition, relevant farmer organisation networks and NGOs, media, corporate sector and local and national authorities networks will be identified which can play an intermediary role conveying the iSQAPER results. In contrast to the project website (which will be used for internal organisation and management of the project).

Deliverables will include i) the iSQAPER Dissemination and Communication Strategy; ii) Prototype and final iSQAPERiS website; iii) data-base with networks and key contacts of major stakeholders; and iv) video/film presentations explaining the scientific issues underlying soil quality.

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